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2024 Upcoming Events

NIGAT’s 31st Annual Art Therapy Summer School. 2nd – 4th August 2024. Click here for more information. October Day Meeting – Saturday 5th October 2024. Save the date! Details to be announced.

NIGAT Annual Meetings & Events

Important annual meetings & events for are the Day Meetings (first Saturdays in February, June & October), the Art Therapy Summer School and the AGM -offering the opportunity to come together to learn more about NIGAT, Art Therapy and therapeutic creativity.

June 2024 Day Meeting

This presentation will explore aspects of the variety of work that takes place within the Prison Arts Foundation and will include insights into the delivery of Arts and Art Therapy services.

Connecting with Clay

On Saturday 3rd February 2024 we had the opportunity to beat, smooth, scrape and dig through clay, connecting to our own personal journey through our senses and the qualities of the material.